Don't listen to them, you get to come in too.
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Chris Colfer on Windy City LIVE (July 11, 2014)

"I know Amber reads it…’cause when she reads the book she will text me, ‘Oh you jerk, you killed off this character. I just fell in love with this character.’ But she and a lot of the crew love the books."
- Chris Colfer on Amber Riley reading his The Land of Stories series [x] (via chriscolfernews)

Chris Colfer on Sway in the Morning (July 7, 2014)

"Glee" star, author and diehard X-Men fan Chris Colfer dropped by Marvel to speak with Blake about why he digs Jean Grey, his new book "The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning" and lots more! [source]

@lbkids: All three in @chriscolfer’s THE LAND OF STORIES, looking purdy. #TLOS3

Chris Colfer on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick (July 7, 2014)

Glee star Chris Colfer visits Miami’s Books & Books with ‘Land of Stories’ →

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@jenbri13 My autograph from @chriscolfer ! #perfection

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