Don't listen to them, you get to come in too.

Meeting Chris in DC…


First off, I just need to get this out of the way. ANASHDHDKFJFKSMFJANSJDJDJSKDKFJFKGJDJDKDJFJFLLSLFAK. Okay, thanks—I feel better.

I decided to ask Chris if he’s going to use a dialect coach for Noel, and he VERY excitedly told me he was working with someone now. (He was so enthusiastic—he told me her name, just in case I’m ever in the market for a dialect coach I guess.)

Now, Noel Coward had a really weird accent you guys—clipped and strange. Chris said, “I could do an English accent on my own but…”

I interrupted him (kind of rudely, by accident), “Noel had a really strange accent…”

He finished for me. “Yeah, it’s all weird and kinda choppy” We both made pointy finger motions in the air at the same time. (To illustrate the very peculiar, specific, way Noel spoke.)

Then he grinned and told me that my question was a good one. I smiled so wide, I thought my face was going to explode.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Chris has an unbelievably genuine way of really engaging with you as if you are the only person in the room. He’s charming, sweet, and an utter delight to talk with. I’m very grateful I’ve been able to meet him three times. He seems so happy and comfortable in his skin—it’s great to see. I hope TLOS3 does well, and look forward to the tour for TLOS4. :)

"I don’t mind them writing about the characters, but when they write about us, doing things, with each other… It’s, it’s just, it’s uncomfortable. It’s way too far. ‘Cause it’s like, I mean like, they’re co-workers, they’re like siblings, y’know, you don’t want to read things about you… doing stuff. It’s, oh, god, it’s just, no, terrifying."
- Chris Colfer on fanfiction (x)


Let’s see if I can remember how this went.

My son went up first. This is monumental because he has autism and two years ago when we saw Chris, he wasn’t really able to talk to him himself.

Seth gave Chris a dog that we had put together for him (it’s a build a bear golden retriever dressed like Peter Pan in honor of Cooper and “Old Dog, New Tricks”). Chris said, I’ll snuggle with him tonight. Seth was wearing a Grumpy Cat “This is my poker face” souvenir t-shirt we got for him in Vegas two weeks ago and Chris commented on that too. And Seth was also able to tell Chris his name (which Seth reminded me didn’t happen last time so this is good).

Then it was my turn and we were all Hi, how are you, fine, and that jazz. Alla spots my tattoo and asks, is that real? (My tattoo is of the Klaine “Courage” locker pic thing and it is so well done that even the other tattoo artists at the place where I got it done asked if it was painted on). I said yes, and Chris said that he’s actually seen a lot of the same one lately. I said, Here I thought I was being original, and then here’s where my dumbass word vomit kicks in - I held out my other arm and showed him my new tattoo and said, I bet you haven’t seen anyone else with this one (FFS *smh* I’m an idiot). He’s like no, that’s so cool, etc. Alla actually TOOK A PIC of my (Courage) tattoo, so there is that.Then there were mutual thanks given and I was done!

I was unable to get my own pics of me with Chris, but I have been informed by chillarrens that she got some of me and she is now my new best friend (THANK YOU *MWAH*). I did, however, manage to sneak a pic of my son with him (and it is BAD but it is something) - the security guy wasn’t looking at me or he would’ve flipped, but the girl at the front of the line I KNOW saw but didn’t say anything, which is great because really, that’s my son up there. I needed to have a moment of him a) with one of my favorite celebrities and b) interacting with him BY HIMSELF without guidance from me (which is SO amazing - those of you with autistic kids/family members can totally understand), so I’m grateful of that.

What a great night!


Chris Colfer on fairy tales, fan fiction

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