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Chris Colfer, Sam Daly and Wendie Malick on Hot in Cleveland [HQ]

hrhchriscolfer I’m having the hardest time choosing an outfit for the Land of Stories signing/costume party at the Grove tomorrow… #TLOS3

Victoria Welcomes Home Her Son and His Partner
Victoria (Wendie Malick) welcomes home her son Tony (Chris Colfer) and his “partner” (Sam Daly). Nothing is as it seems as the two men are business partners and Tony is in fact pretending to be gay as to not disappoint his mother.



Chris and Doughnuts and Noel!

Ok, I’ve had a couple of requests for the video. So I am adding it here but as I said, you can’t hear what I’m saying and you can only hear Alla a little. Chris is the only one who can be heard and it’s mostly ooohing and ahhing and “thank you”. LOL.

And here’s the story of meeting Chris at the Beaverton, OR signing. I had a bit of a lengthy chat with him, so this is a little long. Sorry!

So, we said the introductory “Hi! How are you?”s and I explained that when I went to the book signing for TLOS1 at the Grove a few years ago, I had walked up with a big gift bag and his eyes had lit up. When I had started pulling out cat gifts and said they were presents for Brian, he was visibly disappointed (I didn’t notice this myself at the time but my friend in line behind me, @lisalele, said that’s exactly what happened). Then I said, “So, this time I brought something for you!”

I said that Portland has a famous doughnut shop and Alla cut in and asked, “Oh! What’s it called?” I told her it was Voodoo Doughnuts. She said “Oh! We tried to go there earlier!” and Chris jumped in, “Yeah, we tried but the line was too long!” [This is common!] Chris and Alla both got excited when I pulled an envelope from the gift bag and said in a sing song voice, “Well, we got you a gift certificate.” They were thrilled. Chris said, “Oh my gosh!” I also explained that there was a mug from Voodoo in the bag as well and then laid the bag down to pull out a glossy page of pictures, made by the talented Jaylie12, of the shop’s menu and some of the doughnuts. The shop is well known for having “suggestive” doughnuts and we included some of those pictures but I was trying to be discreet because I knew there were lots of children present.

As I was pulling the page of pictures from the bag, Chris was peering at it and saying, “Ooooh my gosh. Thank you so much! We’ll use that!”. Then he said, “Thank you! That’s so sweet of you. I’m so glad you could come and bring this for ME!” jokingly as he pulled the gift bag towards himself possessively. You can see all of this in the video above.

You can see Alla taking the picture page from the bag and looking at it more closely. Alla and Chris were both excited about the donuts, and there is a video (courtesy of infinityandbeyondklainers) being reblogged of them leaving the signing and you can see Alla taking our gift bag with them. Later in the day, Alla tweeted the picture of the box of doughnuts and said, “Thanks Jenn and Melanie.” Jenn is my dear friend and tumblr pal jaylie12, who took the attached video and I am Melanie. We all know Chris has a naughty sense of humor and thought he would appreciate the humor of the “suggestive” doughnuts, and I guess we were right because they did indeed purchase one of those which you can see in the box if you know what you’re looking for. LOL! ;-)

Then I asked Chris a question about Noel. I said that Noel Coward was a heavy smoker and asked how he was going to handle that part of the role. Chris nodded and said, “I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. So, I guess I’m gonna have to learn.” and Alla said that they would be Hollywood style [fake cigarette] ones, of course, not real ones. Then I said I was excited for the movie and he said Thank you! and that was about it.

But I’m so glad we thought to put the gift idea together because it’s obvious he/they liked it and I’m so glad they were able to go to the shop and use the certificate before leaving town. It’s not uncommon at all to see people boarding flights out of PDX with the well-known pink Voodoo Doughnut box and I imagine that’s what happened with Chris and company too. I got to meet Chris again, give him a gift he truly liked, and hang out all day with my beloved jaylie12, which is always wonderful. So, it was a really great day.

Chris Colfer is scheduled to be on 'The Talk' on Monday, July 21st →

Monday, July 21 - Actor and author Chris Colfer discusses his new book; “Top Talker” entertainment reporter Jessica Radloff (Glamour); chef Jeff Mahin makes gourmet pizza and blueberry peach cobbler (n)

Chris Colfer’s TLOS3 Live Chat (July 18, 2014)

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